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Products Liability

At the Garza Law Firm our Knoxville injury attorneys obtain justice and compensation for our East Tennessee clients involved in product liability claims.

When you purchase a product, the law says you may expect that the product will not be unreasonably hazardous, or cause personal injury, or death when used in its intended fashion.

The reality of our economy, however, means that due to mass production, shoddy assembly, poor design, or inadequate labeling, many products on the market do cause injury or result in a wrongful death.

the Tennessee defective products attorneys at the Garza Law Firm, we are experienced defective products attorneys. We understand the legal and technical issues involved in pursuing product liability claims.

Maximizing compensation for Tennessee product liability clients.

Our lawyers work to obtain compensation for people who have been injured by defective products. Manufacturers and their insurance companies often resist providing fair compensation in individual defective product cases in an attempt to limit their total liability.

They will usually rely on the testimony of technical experts who will attempt to cast responsibility for the accident on other parties or even the victim.

How can an experienced Knoxville personal injury attorney help.

To overcome this resistance and obtain the results you deserve, we assemble a team of experienced lawyers, engineering specialists, accident re constructionists, and medical experts who work to build a strong case.

Through a close examination of relevant technical aspects of the event, knowledge of the law, and hard work, we get to the bottom of the matter. A simple tire defect can cause a car accident that takes the life of young parent or child. When events like this occur, victims and their families need answers from an experienced product liability attorney.

Contact a Knoxville personal injury lawyer today.

At the Garza Law Office, we provide those answers. We help you get the compensation you need to rebuild your life.For a free consultation with the Garza Law Office, call 865-249-7222 or contact us online. We normally do not require a retainer to handle your personal injury claim. Evening and weekend appointments are available. You can find answers to your personal injury questions at our Personal Injury FAQ page.